Dr. Wassel is very excited to announce that Stride Foot & Ankle is the only podiatry clinic in Las Vegas to offer the FDA Approved UltraMIST wound therapy. It is a painless, effective machine that speeds up wound and ulcer healing in addition to being covered by most insurances!

What is UltraMIST? It is ultrasound energy that is delivered through a saline mist directly on to the wound. These low energy ultrasonic waves promote healing from within by increasing the number of blood vessels to the wound, reducing bacteria and decreasing inflammation. More importantly, it is FDA approved for use in wounds and has been successfully used to heal wounds for over ten years.

Problems Healing Your Diabetic Wounds and Ulcers? Call Stride Foot & Ankle today to schedule an appointment to get you back on your feet! Our full service podiatry clinic will ensure that your insurance covers all of our treatments and live a happy, wound-free life. Contact us for more Queries

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