What can a podiatrist do?

A podiatrist is a doctor of podiatric medicine who specializes in all foot and ankle problems. Not all are surgical, however, Dr. Wassel is a surgically trained podiatrist who does surgery at St. Rose Siena in Henderson, Summerlin Hospital and Spring Valley Hospital Center.

How do I know if I have athlete’s foot?

Typically, athlete’s foot is diagnosed by appearance and concerns expressed by patient. It usually is itchy for the patient and this can be uncomfortable during the day. Athlete’s foot is a type of fungus infection which thrives in moist, dark places – and our feet are a perfect environment for this. Less severe cases can be treated by topical creams and ointments available at the drug store, however the more severe the case, the more intense therapy it requires. This can include foot soaks, oral medications, prescription creams. Lifestyle changes including spraying shoes with disinfectant and changing socks throughout the day do help, always do wear 100% cotton socks.

How do I treat ingrowing toenails?

This is a tricky question because you should definitely see a specialist for ingrowing toenails. When left untreated, not only are they painful, but they can cause serious infections which can be avoided with a simple office procedure by a podiatrist.

Why does my foot and heel hurt me most in the morning when I first wake up?

This is pretty common with plantar fasciitis. It is easy to diagnose and treat in clinic, only about 1-2% of patients ever need surgery for this so here are some tips: - Stretch your Achilles tendon daily - Roll a frozen water bottle on the bottom of the painful foot for about 15 minutes a day - Stretch your toes towards your nose before you step out of bed in the morning Acute care can be achieved with oral medication or an injection and long term management requires shoegear and insert counseling.

Does Medicaid cover podiatry services in Nevada?

YES! They do, call today to find out more information about your specific plan.

I used to wear custom orthotics as a kid, do I still need them?

This really depends on the current shape and condition of your foot, your activity level and any pain concerns you may have.

Will my wound or ulcer heal on its own?

Unfortunately, wounds and ulcers are very difficult to heal on their own. They need consistent local wound care including cleaning off any bacteria and built up callus so that the skin can properly re-grow over the open sore. Local wound care in addition to proper offloading and antibiotic management is all handled by Dr. Wassel.

I stubbed my foot a few weeks ago and it is still bruised, is it broken?

This can be hard to answer without a proper evaluation and x-ray imaging. Although there is a likelihood, sometimes aggressive sfot tissue injuries can take some time to heal.